Playtesting for TSA-004 has started

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in DCCRPG | 0 comments

Pleased to announced that playtesting officially kicked off last night with my usual group for my newest untitled adventure (which I’m going to start referring to as TSA-004 because, well, I have to call it something.) I’m trying to keep a bit of a wrap as to the nature of his project until it’s closer to release. That said here’s a couple of details I will share: It’s a higher level adventure (I’m playtesting with a party of 5th level...

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@SavageGM continues his Frawgs world tour

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Not sure exactly where this picture was taken, but apparently Brandon Goeringer (Twitter @SavageGM) has recovered enough from his 3-day/7-game GM session at Dragon*Con to unleash the Attack of the Frawgs at his local FLGS Borderlands Comic and Games in Greenville, SC. At his current pace, the odds are getting good that he’s actually DM’d this module more times than I have. I think if that happens we will need to recognize him with a 2013 Frawg Spawner Award or...

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