Feb 2020 Updates

Feb 2020 Updates

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Playtesting The Orb at Game Kastle Santa Clara

I feel like since really starting my new Day Job Real Life Job in October, I haven’t been as as prolific with my gaming posts. But rest assured, gentle reader, when the sun goes down and I step away from corporate life, I am busy beavering away on gaming activities in the background.

  1. I just completed and turned in a a new MCC adventure which will be published by Goodman Games, I’m sure you’ll see more posts about that later in the year
  2. I completed another gaming-article-thing-you-can-use at your table thing for Mr. Goodman, which will also be unveiled later in the year
  3. And perhaps most importantly, the printer proof for The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner is apparently waiting for me to be picked up and reviewed.

I will try to post more about all of these as they start dropping.
Game on, my friends, and once again know how said I am that I will not be at GaryCon.