The Omnivary of EDEN


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After generations of digging, your tribe has finally uncovered the long-buried entrance to the Garden of the Gods. Foretold by an ancient prophet, the Garden is rumored to contain the Seeds of Creation—the essence of all planetary life hidden away before the apocalypse. 

These priceless seeds must be retrieved and protected at any cost, lest they be abused, or worse, destroyed by the factions who abhor all aspects of life that inhabited Terra A.D. before The Great Disaster. 

This is my second MCC RPG adventure. It’s pays homage to film Logan’s Run as well Duncan Jone’s brilliant Moon. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Mutant Crawl Classics #11: The Omnivary of EDEN is a thoroughly likeable scenario, designed to be played in two sessions or so, and full of detail and flavour.

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