Playtesting for TSA-004 has started

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in DCCRPG | 0 comments

Pleased to announced that playtesting officially kicked off last night with my usual group for my newest untitled adventure (which I’m going to start referring to as TSA-004 because, well, I have to call it something.)

I’m trying to keep a bit of a wrap as to the nature of his project until it’s closer to release. That said here’s a couple of details I will share:

  • It’s a higher level adventure (I’m playtesting with a party of 5th level characters)
  • It’s in unashamedly a hybrid of AD&D feeling mixed with DCC RPG. I was inspired by some older material I used to play and wanted to write something similar as a labor of love
  • Despite it’s AD&D-esque inspiration, it will definitely have moments of DCC RPG rules & flavor
  • I’m hoping to release by May/June (as that would make 4 years in a row of releasing a module in that time frame… one of these days I actually will release more than 1 module a year)

As always, if you’re interested in becoming a proofreader/playtester let me know.