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The village of Portnelle is once again bright and festive. After years of feuding, the town’s most prominent and influential families will finally be making peace as the youngest generations are joined in marriage. However, when an evil born of dark secrets refuses to stay buried, blood will flow like wine at the reception.

This wedding is one your fellow villagers will talk about for generations!

OK, so this is not published as a Thick Skull Adventures product, but I wrote it and am very proud of it, so I’m hoping you guys check it out.

They Served Brandolyn Red was released as Goodman Game’s 2015 Halloween Module – it’s a funnel packed with a lot of material – family histories, forbidden love, and revenge sought from beyond the grave.

Checkout the hilarious actual play podcast from Role Playing Public Radio (assuming you’re OK with having all the text spoiled for you…)


“I loved this one so much it might become my new favorite funnel… From the art to the layout, this is a phenomenal adventure and an excellent introduction to DCCRPG, and if a group was looking for a place to start, this is probably the best adventure to throw your friends and yourself as the GM into.”

Throat Punch Games review

“That is perhaps the single best beginning to a roleplaying game ever.”


“The flavor text for that adventure was absolutely METAL. Loved it.”


“…excellent and existentially crushing…”

Noah Stevens

“Overall, this is probably my favorite DCC funnel behind the classic Sailors on the Starless Sea.”

Crawling for Coppers


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