Lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals


Lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals



The blazing beacon from the lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals used to be visible on every cloudless night. Just above the horizon line, the brightest star in the sky, a sleepless eye, slowly winking on and off as it rotated between Sagewood and the sea. After weeks of fog and rain, last night was clear… and the lighthouse was dark.

The town council of Sagewood meets and decides you must go to the lighthouse and discover what’s gone wrong! There are portents that someone—or something—wanted the light- house extinguished. It is up to you to uncover the mystery and see what has befallen the residents at the lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals.

This tasty new adventure can be played standalone or as bridge adventure between Attack of the Frawgs and The Haunting of Larvik Island.

The adventure contains:

  • A complete 16-page 1st-level DCC RPG adventure
  • Beautiful full-page map by Stefan Poag
  • 7 Illustrations by FRK Pyron
  • 2 new magic items in appendix
  • 4 new monsters in the appendix

Rules: Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game
Written By: Anne Hunter (with additional by Stephen Newton)
Front Cover Artwork: FRK Pyron
Cartography: Stefan Poag
: FRK Pyron
Pages: 16
Product Code: THS-007

PDF version available at:

Print version: 


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