Larvik finds some copper, Shaman print edition, TSH-005

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Hello Thick Skullers, Well as you know, last week was a bit of a doozy for me, losing my friend to cancer and then celebrating his life at wakes, funerals, viewings, etc.  I’m slowly trying to get my game head back in order. It will take some time. Here’s a couple of game-related updates: Haunting of Larvik Island goes Copper I was pleased to see that The Haunting of Larvik Island reached “Best-Selling Copper” status on It took about a...

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What to do with 4E version of Larvik?

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Once upon a time, I published my first module: a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure called The Haunting of Larvik Island. I was proud of the story and creatures I’d come up with for this adventure, but was never quite happy with the 4E mechanics. Luckily Goodman Games published Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, I converted the module, and the rest is history. The original 4E Larvik didn’t sell nearly as well as I thought it would (as an example: the DCC RPG...

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Haunting of Larvik Island to appear at Gam3Day (San Diego)

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Word on the street is that Judge Mario will be bringing The Haunting of Larvik Island to Gam3Day in San Diego on Nov 10, 2013. Judge Mario, as you all remember, has been a prolific judge running a ton of events in San Diego (Gam3rDay, Game Empire). I haven’t seen an official announcement on the Gam3rCon website yet, but I was contacted by Judge Mario that he’d be running and saw a post on R.S. Tilton’s blog (both of whom are San Diego DCC community...

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Haunting of Larvik Island now available in print

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Larvik Island Now In Print At long last, my friends, The Haunting of Larvik Island is now available in dead-tree print format in addition to computer/iPad friendly PDF format. As usual, I see that our friends at have started stocking, and I’m hoping to see copies make their way through to other FLGS throughout the land. If you’re a local to the Bay Area, Game Kastle in Santa Clara and Fremont typically stock my stuff. And let me just take this...

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