Remastering Larvik from D&D 4E to DCC RPG Pt 2: The Maps

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Remaster? Conversion? Rewrite? As you all hopefully know, I’ve been busy over the last few months remastering The Haunting of Larvik Island to DCC RPG. As I talked about here it has been a multi-step process. One of the tenets of making this a “remaster” vs. a “conversion” as I didn’t just want to convert the text blocks, I wanted it be DCC RPG native from the ground up. In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that this has been a...

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Writing Update: April 20, 2013

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Here’s the latest folks: Writing Update: Larvik 1 DCC Remaster. Writing is “feature complete” as we’d say in my software life. Now going through playtesting and will make modifications based on those changes. Commissioned new artist for interior maps and they look great, and commissioned Tony to update the cover, player handouts, and original island maps to make look more DCC-oldschool vs. the original 4E polished look. Larvik 2: My brother and I...

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Playtest of Haunting of Larvik Island DCC officially started!

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Last night we officially kicked off the playtesting of Haunting of Larvik Island DCC! Playtesters include Cat Harkins-DiNardo (Think Skull Adventure’s fine graphic designer who’s getting behind the dice!) Devin DiNardo (Thick Skull Adventure’s web designer), Sarah Bunker, John Bunker (pictured on left with me) and Karen Siegel. All of these fine folks are also on my hockey team and this is the first time they’ve helped me with playtesting. (They...

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So you want to write an RPG module

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If you’re looking for the Microsoft Word templates for spells and adventures, then follow this link One of the blog readers (Keith M. of Dragon Claw Adventures @DragonClawAdven) had sent me an email asking me several questions related to my experiences with writing my first adventures and if there was any tips I could pass on. As I believe in karma (not really, but I do believe in kindness) and I was in the same spot and given similar advice by Guy Fullerton of...

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Lessons Learned from D&D Playtesting

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Lately, I have been impressed with how some publishers in the Dungeons and Dragons community, like the good folks at Emerald Press, Nevermet Press and others, have been extremely forthcoming in blog posts with sales figures and other internal company workings. In that same spirit, this post is my attempt to be equally candid for the benefit of others thinking about writing their own adventures. While I fully intend to write additional articles that cover more aspects of the...

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