Design is done! Well, kinda…

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So my friends the module is now finished and Cat has completed all her design work. I did a read through of the module at it all looks good except for one bug in the page numbering, so when she returns from her hockey tournament we should be good to on releasing the module. This is an ad I made for the upcoming BP-3 module from Blackbyrne Publishing. It’s a tweak of the back cover of the module and shows the “Alabatross Hunter”, one of the monsters from...

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Crafting Adventure with Evernote

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Writing has begun in earnest on my second module in the “Larvik Island” series. I thought I’d send out some kudos to the good people at Evernote, an application that I’ve found essential as I finish post-production on the first module and start outlining the second. Goodbye OneNote, Hello Evernote I started using Evernote at work a couple years ago when I switched from using a Windows PC to a Mac full-time. I had used Microsoft OneNote as a “personal wiki” organizing tool...

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Lessons Learned from D&D Playtesting

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Lately, I have been impressed with how some publishers in the Dungeons and Dragons community, like the good folks at Emerald Press, Nevermet Press and others, have been extremely forthcoming in blog posts with sales figures and other internal company workings. In that same spirit, this post is my attempt to be equally candid for the benefit of others thinking about writing their own adventures. While I fully intend to write additional articles that cover more aspects of the...

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Larvik Island: 2011-02-21 Update

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So, there’s been a good amount of progress on the module in the last couple of weeks, here’s the breakdown for the faithful readers as well as formally introduce some of other module collaborators: Writing: The writing has been done for a while, and all that is happening now is minor tweaks for grammar and clarity that I discover as I go through playtesting Playtesting: Of the 15 encounters in the module, we’ve now finished playtesting 8 of them, and the...

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Larvik Island: 2011-02-06 Update

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Just a quick update as to where things are in the production cycle: the writing is, effectively done, and I’m now playtesting the entire module. With each session that I playtest, I go back and tweak some of the writing here and there to make a point clearer in tactics or character background. One of the things that has become interesting is how to deal with the size of the module: as it currently stands it is written as 15 encounters (not including the wandering...

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