Crafting Adventure with Evernote

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Writing has begun in earnest on my second module in the “Larvik Island” series. I thought I’d send out some kudos to the good people at Evernote, an application that I’ve found essential as I finish post-production on the first module and start outlining the second.

Goodbye OneNote, Hello Evernote

I started using Evernote at work a couple years ago when I switched from using a Windows PC to a Mac full-time. I had used Microsoft OneNote as a “personal wiki” organizing tool – a fine tool in its own right –  and needed a replacement as there was no Mac equivalent.  After some quick searching I’d read good reviews of Evernote and gave it a try. I’ve used it daily ever since.

Why I love Evernote:

While I’m sure the marketing guys at Evernote could provide you all the info you’d ever want on its features, here’s the biggest reason why I love it: its synchronization features across multiple devices. As I toil about real life–commuting, watching the news, taking the kids for school, etc.– I frequently come across an image, a phrase or an idea that I think would be interesting to morph into some sort of monster, NPC, plot device or trap within an adventure. I have dozens of these notes (some of which I look back at which and go, “Huh?”) with phrases like, “Polynesian Hulu Dancers”, “The Princes in the Tower”, and “quicksand elemental”.

As these nuggets of inspiration strike during a variety of times and places–at work, in the car, at the kids school, while I watch the news at night– I typically have a different device nearby. As mentioned, at work I’m using the Mac, when I’m out and about I carry my Android phone, my Windows XP box has the map-making and layout software, and when I’m just hanging around the house I carry the iPad. With Evernote I have access to all of my notes using an application native to all of those devices. I can quickly jot down whatever thoughts I have it magically synchronizes those notes making them available on all of the other devices. When I finally sit down to write, as I did last night, I bring up those notes and turn these random ideas into what will (hopefully) but colorful adventure!

And with that, gentle readers, when Larvik 2 sees the light of day you will hopefully enjoy an encounter that I was inspired by while driving I-5 near Bakersfield California that I captured in Evernote as “birds making cocoon nests out of mud on overpasses”



For the record, other than being a happy user, I’m not associated with Evernote in any way. I’m just a believer of the “praise in public” philosophy.