Celesticon 2014 and other updates

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The Celesticon 2014 DCCRPG crew

Hello Thick Skullers!

It’s been a big and busy week in gaming so let’s dive straight in to some of the highlights:

Celesticon 2014

Celesticon 2014 is happening this weekend in Fremont CA at the Fremont Marriott. I picked up a Saturday pass and got the opportunity to play with some folks I’d never met before. All of them were fun and passionate gamers.

Glory, death, and deity disapproval were all in abundance this afternoon as Judge +Chris Garner took myself, +Ben Blank and others through +Jobe Bittman‘s excellent Glipkerio’s Gambit. Super fun adventure; Chris did a great job bring the story to life and my comrades were spot on playing their characters to the hilt. Good times.



Cat and Stephen

Cat and Stephen

Cat’s Baby Shower

Thick Skull Adventure’s better half, graphic designer, and artist, the lovely and talented Ms. Catherine Dinardo is expecting a child with her husband, Thick Skull Adventure’s website designer Mr. Devin Dinardo! We’re all very happy for them both and today I got to hang out with both of them as they celebrated the upcoming birth of what will no doubt be a power gamer for the next generation!



As for my own writing, the writing on the latest adventure is finished. This week I’m doing a bit more proofreading (thanks to Jon Marr’s angry red pen) and watching as all the new artwork and maps roll in. I’m guessing I’m about 4-5 weeks away from publishing depending on how long it takes for the artists/cartographers to do their parts. Cover art will once again by done by Antonio Tira (who did both Haunting of Larvik Island covers), cartography once again by +Jeffrey Tadlock, and art from 3 new artists who are also my playtesters: William MacDougall, Susanne MacDougall and their daughter Katherine MacDougall as well a new piece of art from a cousin of mine, Reba Pyron. I’ve been usually cryptic with title and art of this one as I’m hoping to make the announcement closer to the publication with all the backstory.

Happy gaming everyone!