Celesticon 2014 and other updates

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Hello Thick Skullers! It’s been a big and busy week in gaming so let’s dive straight in to some of the highlights: Celesticon 2014 Celesticon 2014 is happening this weekend in Fremont CA at the Fremont Marriott. I picked up a Saturday pass and got the opportunity to play with some folks I’d never met before. All of them were fun and passionate gamers. Glory, death, and deity disapproval were all in abundance this afternoon as Judge +Chris Garner took...

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Three Maps of Sagewood

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A couple of months back I came across a blog post article by +Brad Morris where he showed off a custom game map he’d designed for his home DCC campaign. It included map locations from the DCC modules Sailors of the Starless Sea, The Black Goat, Attack of the Frawgs, The Witch of Wydfield and the edge of the Sunken City from Perils of the Sunken City. Let’s pause a moment and take a look at the map: So I know 4 of these locations are directly from Attack of the...

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Frawgs Restocked. Dragon*Con. Larvik DCC and the Secret Project

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Hey thickskullers, a couple of quick updates. Print version of Attack of the Frawgs Restocked. I dropped off a pile of copies to my distributor Warpath Games and I’ve seen they’ve made it through the distribution channel to online retailers. You can now (or very soon) pickup your print copy of Frawgs at all the usual places you’d expect (FRPGames.com, NobleKnight Games.com, eBay, your FLGS, etc.) Dragon*Con this weekend, and Frawgs will be there As I...

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Where in the Hell is Larvik DCC?

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So, the multiple delays on this project is one of the prime reasons why I’m so hesitant to use Kickstarter to fund one of these adventures. If you guys had ponied up your hard earned coppers back in Feb when I thought I was close to completion I’d be feeling really guilty right now. Instead, I just feel like I’m dragging ass. Still, there are good (and not so good) reasons for the delays. But here’s the latest. The Haunting of Larvik Island DCC RPG went out to Cat for final...

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Gam3rCon 2013

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One experience I am fortunate enough to enjoy each year is to go down to Comic-Con in San Diego and immerse myself in all the sights, smells, colors, and costumes provided by that event. This year was no different and as usual I was able to snap lots of pictures of the myself alongside the various cosplayers who attend. As an added bonus this year, I learned that  Mario Torres was judging a session of Attack of the Frawgs being played nearby at Gam3rCon which was taking...

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Writing Update: April 20, 2013

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Here’s the latest folks: Writing Update: Larvik 1 DCC Remaster. Writing is “feature complete” as we’d say in my software life. Now going through playtesting and will make modifications based on those changes. Commissioned new artist for interior maps and they look great, and commissioned Tony to update the cover, player handouts, and original island maps to make look more DCC-oldschool vs. the original 4E polished look. Larvik 2: My brother and I...

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