About Us

Thick Skull Adventures is dedicated to creating adventures that read like classic adventure stories – rich in exotic location settings, original monsters and shifty characters.


Stephen Newton

Stephen “Snake” Newton

Hello there, I’m Stephen and I’m the primary Human Writer behind Thick Skull Adventures. I have been playing D&D since the late 1970′s, weened on classic TSR modules of old. DM’ing in my youth such iconic canon as Tomb of HorrorsGDQ series and even Judges Guilds’ Dark Tower helped foster my love of writing and shaped the style of games I love to play. I created Thick Skull Adventures as a means to publish my own RPG adventures (started with 4th Edition D&D but have since moved on to DCC RPG) with the hope of contributing a little something back to a gaming world that has provided me uncounted hours of enjoyment. In addition, I’m a father, history fan, and ice-hockey player. On weekends I take care of my daughters, love to grill on the Weber, and visit many of the State Parks in the Santa Cruz area. You can reach me at snake@thickskulladventures.com

You can see the portfolio on rpggeek.com

Catherine "Cat" Harkins DiNardo

Catherine “Cat” Harkins DiNardo

Catherine “Cat” Harkins DiNardo

Catherine is Stephen’s good friend, but more importantly, she is an extraordinary graphic designer. Cat does all of the magic behind the layout and graphics within our our adventures including drafting many of the interior illustrations,  header/footer flourishes, and is the creator of the iconic Thick Skull Adventures logo itself. Effectively, Cat is responsible for the “look and feel” of all of Thick Skull Adventures’ products.

In addition to being a Human Wizard using tools such as Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe InDesign, she’s also a great ice hockey goalie. If you’d like to contact Cat to inquire about getting help on your own project, you can reach her through her portfolio website Three 2 Designs.

Antoni Layos Tira

Antoni has been creating art and music for decades. He was generous enough to provide the artwork for the front and back covers of The Haunting of Larvik Island as well as the illustrations that are included as part of adventure’s Player’s Handout. If you’d like to contact Antoni about all things artwork, please send an email to info@thickskulladventures.com

Jeffrey Tadlock

Jeffrey Tadlock

Jeffrey Tadlock

Jeffrey is a game designer, writer, cartographer, and small press publisher. With writing and cartography credits across a variety of RPG publishers Jeffrey is fluent in a myriad of game systems ranging from Dungeon Crawl Classics to Pathfinder to Swords & Wizardry. Jeffrey is also the force behind Iron Tavern Press, a small press publisher releasing Swords & Wizardry compatible adventures. In his spare time Jeffrey co-hosts the Spellburn podcast, a podcast about Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.