Frawgs Restocked. Dragon*Con. Larvik DCC and the Secret Project

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Hey thickskullers, a couple of quick updates.

Print version of Attack of the Frawgs Restocked.

I dropped off a pile of copies to my distributor Warpath Games and I’ve seen they’ve made it through the distribution channel to online retailers. You can now (or very soon) pickup your print copy of Frawgs at all the usual places you’d expect (, NobleKnight, eBay, your FLGS, etc.)

Dragon*Con this weekend, and Frawgs will be there

As I mentioned in this post, there are 2 sessions of Attack of the Frawgs being played at Dragon*Con this weekend. As of this writing, the schedule looks thus: the Friday night session has sold out (yay!) and the Saturday night session has 1 slot left. Good luck to judge Brandon Goeringer (aka @SavageGM) who has got a helluva packed schedule running not only Frawgs but also Portal under the Stars and Purple Sorcerer’s fine Perils of the Sunken City. I hope that man has a big pile of energy drinks and beef jerky.

Haunting of Larvik Island (DCC)

I reached out to Mr. Joseph Goodman earlier this week and, as expected, he’s still buried under “I just got back from GenCon!” correspondence. He said he expected to get to it within the next few days. So again, depending on how many edits/suggestions he sends back, we should be real close to getting this one on

The Secret Project & “Larvik 2”

And as an added bonus, I will start talking about something else I have in the works. I’ve about halfway through the writing of my next DCC RPG adventure. This is not “Larvik 2” (who’s title will be revealed once Haunting of Larvik Island DCC gets published) but rather a standalone-ish DCC adventure that I’m doing for fun. I’m hoping to go into playtesting with this module by November.  As for Larvik 2, my brother James, whom I’m co-writing that adventure with, continues to flesh it out. I hope to dive back into that as soon as Secret Project goes into playtest.

Hope all is well with everyone.