Writing Update: April 20, 2013

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Here’s the latest folks:

Writing Update:

Larvik 1 DCC Remaster. Writing is “feature complete” as we’d say in my software life. Now going through playtesting and will make modifications based on those changes. Commissioned new artist for interior maps and they look great, and commissioned Tony to update the cover, player handouts, and original island maps to make look more DCC-oldschool vs. the original 4E polished look.

Larvik 2: My brother and I made a decision last week to split this into 2 modules: one direct Larvik 1 sequel, and another “standalone” module. Writing is about 80% complete to get to playtesting state on what will become Larvik 2 (and probably at least 80% done on the standalone module as well…)

The New Project: Because I’m a glutton for punishment (and I was just struck with inspiration) I wrote about 1/4 of a new standalone module. I will be giving details of that soon, but for now it’s just been fun watching the words flow!