What to do with 4E version of Larvik?

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Once upon a time, I published my first module: a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure called The Haunting of Larvik Island. I was proud of the story and creatures I’d come up with for this adventure, but was never quite happy with the 4E mechanics. Luckily Goodman Games published Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, I converted the module, and the rest is history. The original 4E Larvik didn’t sell nearly as well as I thought it would (as an example: the DCC RPG...

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Remastering from D&D to DCCRPG

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Happy 2013 Again! So, first of all, I wanted to wish you guys again a Happy New Year. As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’m feeling much better from an “emotional health” perspective. It has been nice to be able to clear my mind of some of the personal issues that had clogged my brain and be able to re-focus again on my writing. Very pleasing indeed. Cat and I got a chance to hang out at a post-Christmas Christmas party which is where that...

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A Hero’s Journey avail from Darklight Interactive

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So while all you folks are anxiously awaiting Attack of the Frawgs! may I humbly suggest that consider parting with a couple of bucks for a new 0-level 4E D&D adventure from David Flor, A Hero’s Journey. David’s latest offering has a soft spot in my heart, for here is what he had to say about it on his blog: In the meantime, inspired by Thick Skull Adventure‘s upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure “Attack of the Frawgs!” (which I helped...

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Reviews, Open-Ended 4E D&D Adventures, “Larvik 2” and Too Much Plot

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I haven’t posted any news in a while so this one is a bit of a biggy. I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before, but I effectively leapfrogged 3rd Edition D&D completely. In fact, most of the adventures I played for that rule set was using online games, specifically Atari’s Temple of Elemental Evil and Bioware’s Icewind Dale II. I bring this up to make this point: the bulk of my D&D experience was based on 1ED rules. In fact, the The Haunting of Larvik Island has its...

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Mini-Review of The Haunting of Larvik Island

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Mini-Review of The Haunting of Larvik Island by Ed McIntosh Impressions regarding the module “The Haunting of Larvik Island”. Review published on ThickSkullAdventures.com with Ed McIntosh’s permission. What could be improved: The back cover includes giant seagulls, kinda cheesy. (Okay, they are supposed to be Albatrosses, but they don’t look heroic either way.) Felt back cover has better art than the front cover Some typos in a few places of text Hmmmm, so the...

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Haunting of Larvik Island PDF updated to 1.02

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Faithful adventurers, I have updated the .pdf version of “Haunting of Larvik Island” on RPGNow.com to version 1.02. This version fixed some rendering issue with the “wood plank” banner graphic used on section headings. Apparently this graphic was rendering dark on iPads and Mac OS X’s Preview application. For anyone keeping score, here’s the change log for the version of the file: 1.02: fixed wood plank graphic, added Michael Murdock as a...

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