Mini-Review of The Haunting of Larvik Island

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Mini-Review of The Haunting of Larvik Island

by Ed McIntosh

Impressions regarding the module “The Haunting of Larvik Island”. Review published on with Ed McIntosh’s permission.

What could be improved:

  • The back cover includes giant seagulls, kinda cheesy. (Okay, they are supposed to be Albatrosses, but they don’t look heroic either way.)
  • Felt back cover has better art than the front cover
  • Some typos in a few places of text
  • Hmmmm, so the mysterious caverns are usually waterlogged. Don’t we have spells that allow water-breathing? I don’t think 1st level characters do, so the story works.
  • Biggest regret: zombie goblins were mentioned in the lore, but I never saw them in the encounters. Hopefully I missed that. Maybe we should just assume that some or all of the zombies are goblin zombies.

What I liked!

  • I like the location and everything about the players handouts
  • I really like the Zombie Goblin idea, very cool. Same with feral goblins.
  • I really like the Lojan and the Malmo bandits story and encounters, very cool.
  • I like how the Albatrosses ate the Goblin camp and left a mess, and how the Goblins set up an ambush nearby.
  • Zombie Bulls: an idea whose time has come
  • I like the trapped box with the ironic healing potion inside, which whoever got hit by the trap will need.
  • Cool Mattor’s journal description, very usable and entertaining.
  • Squidopedes are a cool idea.
  • Chaos waves are cool.
  • Clear maps, good encounter explanations.

Overall, I love it. I don’t know how long it would take to run or how difficult the encounters would be, but it looks better than H2 or H3 from WoTC.