What to do with 4E version of Larvik?

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Battling the squidopede!

4E D&D Version of Haunting of Larvik Island

Once upon a time, I published my first module: a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure called The Haunting of Larvik Island. I was proud of the story and creatures I’d come up with for this adventure, but was never quite happy with the 4E mechanics. Luckily Goodman Games published Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, I converted the module, and the rest is history.

The original 4E Larvik didn’t sell nearly as well as I thought it would (as an example: the DCC RPG version sold as many copies in the first month of its release as the 4E version did in an entire year. The bottom line: I’ve still got a big pile of my original 4th Edition print version of Larvik Islandin storage (and I’ve taken the print version of the PDF down as well to avoid any potential confusion with the DCC version I published last year.) 

Gentle readers, what’s your opinion on how some of these could be used? Are there any 4E groups, clubs, etc. that are still looking for material? Should I just hold on to them for another 10 years and wait for whatever 4E clone game that comes out and then they’ll be cool and retro?  Save them for giveaway prizes when Black Friday rolls around?

Curious to hear your thoughts.