Feb 2015 Update

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Shaman Goes Copper

Shaman Goes Copper

Happy February, Thick Skullers!

I know I’m a few days late, but wanted to provide all the Feb happenings inside the Thick Skull.

The Product Formerly Known as THS-005

As mentioned in last month’s post, THS-005 has found a new home and will be published by Goodman Games. I have finished another round of playtesting of this adventure and I’m really pleased with how it’s come together. Much of the feedback has been around how it feels much “fuller” than a funnel adventure – and more like a campaign start. I’m going to take that’s good news.  And in other playtest news, there are a lucky few who will be able to playtest this adventure when it is run by the lovely and charismatic Judge Jen Brinkman at GaryCon in a couple weeks. I cannot say when the module will actually get published by Goodman Games, but I have to say I think folks will really like it when it hits the shelves.

Hypercube of Myt

In other Gary Con news, I have a second chunk of material being played at that con in the form of the Hypercube of Myt. I was one of a cabal of DCC authors including Collaboratively authored by the following folks: Daniel J. Bishop, Adam Muszkiewicz, Stephen Newton, Jeffrey Tadlock, Dak Ultimak, and Jim Wampler. You can read more about the Hypercube of Myt here on the DCC G+ Forum.

Shaman Appearing at Kingdom Con

Community favorite Bill Meyer has posted that he’ll be behind the judges screen at Kingdom Con on Friday Apr 24 orchestrating the machinations within the Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman. Bill was one of the beta testers of Shaman and gave great feedback so he is very familiar with the adventure. I encourage anyone in the San Diego area to go check it out.

Shaman Goes Copper

In other Wood Giant news, our little Shaman has gone copper at RPGNow.com. As always, I want to give a big hug and thank you to everyone out there who has supported us by picking up a copy.

Print Copies of Shaman and Larvik once again available, Frawgs first printing Sold Out

Our fine distributors reached out and said that they’d sold out of all our modules. They have since been restocked so you can find most/all my products once again at places like FRPGames.com and Noble Knight games. But know this, Thick Skullers, I have run out of my first printing of Attack of the Frawgs. So if you see a copy of Frawgs out there at one of these stores or in a convention booth (more on that later), then it is most likely a first edition and now officially “rare”. I’ve started work to do a bit of cleanup and get some new art for a 2nd printing, but that won’t be available for a while. I’ll provide more details as that get’s closer.

And Speaking of Convention Floors

I’ve worked with Goodman Games and his distribution team to get copies of my products for sale in many of many of the upcoming RPG conventions. I know it will be appearing at the following: Gary Con, Gam3rCon, Origins, GrandCon, Con on the Cob, GameHole Con, U-con, and, of course, GenCon. Probably a few others I’m not aware of. As always, if you ever want one of my modules, and are having a hard time finding it, just reach out to me and I’ll help to see if I can secure a copy somehow.

Next Project

And as I put the final touches on The Product Formerly Known as THS-005, I’m once again looking into What’s Next. I may actually try to dust of Larvik 2, but I’ve also got some thoughts about something more sci-fi in nature… I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Gaming, everyone.