Jan 2015 Update

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Hello Thick Skullers!

Welcome to 2015! I wanted to give you guys a couple of updates on the latest news.

TSH-005: The New Funnel Adventure finds a new home 

I’m pleased to announce that TSH-005 will not be published after all… at least by Thick Skull Adventures. After some discussions with Mr. Joseph Goodman, I’ve been contracted to deliver that module for publishing through Goodman Games! This is very good news as I’m excited to see one of my adventures get The Full Treatment in terms of art and layout from The Man himself. I have a couple of playtests coming up on the adventure – one at Game Kastle Fremont next friday, and Judge Jen Brinkman will be running it at GaryCon, but I can’t say much beyond that until it’s officially published.

PodCast Appearances

Late in 2014 I was fortunate enough to be invited as a guest on 3 podcasts. They were (in order of air date):

Convention Appearances

Gam3rCon: While not officially published yet, I’m 99% sure I will be running the aforementioned module previously known as TSH-005 at Gam3rCon 2015 in San Diego. I’m already pretty confident that +Bill Meyer, +Mario Torres, and +R.S. Tilton will be joining me at the table as they have in previous years (and I’m 100% certain that Jim Graziano will be there) but there will probably be room for at least 1 or 2 more players if you’re going to be in San Diego on July 10.

Celesticon: I’m also going to try to run the same game at Celesticon during Labor Day in Fremont, but i have to do some schedule wrasslin’ with the girls’ mom for that weekend so that’s less of a sure thing.

Other Projects

And finally, I’m just finishing up a side project with some Familiar Names of the DCC RPG community. It’s going to be fun & exciting and I can’t talk about it yet, but I just playtested the first round of it last weekend and it went smooth. So, assuming, this project and THS-005 happen, 2015 will be the first year in which I’ve published (at least!) 2 projects in the same year. Woot Woot.

Keep rolling!