Rolling the funky dice at CelestiCon, Aug 30 2014

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Just a tip for any Bay Area crawlers, that there’s a DCC RPG session happening at CelestiCon in Fremont CA. I’m going to be there rolling some dice as a player. The judge is running Glipkerio’s Gambit. Details are in link below.. I keep thinking I should actually sign up as a judge as some of these events and don’t think about it until after all the event registration deadlines have passed… sigh…...

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Gaming With Joseph Goodman

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Over the Labor Day weekend here in the US, I went to my first gaming convention:  the conveniently located Pacificon Game Expo  which is held at the Santa Clara Marriott just a few minutes drive from my house. It was a lot of good fun with plenty of vendors selling RPGs, board games, miniatures, accessories, trinkets and art and many tables of games of all sorts going on.   The experience of being at the con was interesting on several levels: for starters, the people...

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