Mini-review of Floating Oasis of the Ascended God

Mini-review of Floating Oasis of the Ascended God

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The good folks at the blog King Archie’s Realm have posted a mini-review of Floating Oasis of the Ascended God.

If you recall, Floating Oasis was an original adventure I wrote to be included as the bonus adventure for the 2nd printing of Harley Stroh’s Bride of the Black Manse.

I’m never quite sure how much activity these adventures get in the wild, so it’s nice to see that it got some table-time.

The review is pretty short so I’ll just include it here:

Our second game that night, after inserting cider and PBR, was the Floating Oasis of the Ascended God.  This one has a unique setting that kept the players on their toes, weird un-nameable foes to battle, and instead of gold our heroes get a sip from the pool of longevity.  The adventure had a mythic quality to it as the players appear to be in an after-life, rubbing elbows with deceased spirits in search of redemption.  I loved it.

I actually ran this adventure at GaryCon 2019 with community favorites Haley Skach, Marc Bruner (and his kids), and Dan Steeby. Good times.