Attack of the Frawgs: 2015 Edition

Attack of the Frawgs: 2015 Edition

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Hello Frawgs Fans,

Wanted to let you know that I’ve updated Attack of the Frawgs to the “2015 Edition”. It includes the following changes:

  • Digest sized format. This is not full-sized scrunched down into digest sized, but a complete re-layout of the content to optimize for digest sized printing and reading.
  • Three new pieces of art from Reba Pyron. Now you can see imagery of the gicastor attack, a crab friend, and the frawg spawner in all their splendor.
  • Rewrite of encounter area 1-12. That encounter has been replaced with a new totem erected by the frawgs which gives the PCs an opportunity to channel some of the energy of the frawg patron Truloq.
  • Grammatical cleanup. I enlisted the help of DCC favorite Judge Jen Brinkman to give it a fresh coat of red-pen work.

This new version is available both in Print and PDF versions.

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Happy Halloween,

Stephen Newton