Spellburn reviews the Wood Giant Shaman

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Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman

Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman reviewed on Spellburn!

Fun news, Thick Skullers!

Our favorite podcast Spellburn has generously donated some airtime to provide a review of Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman! I have to admit I’m walking around today with a bit of a fan-boy crush on our 4 judges as I hear them talk about our little Shaman. I think my favorite quote came from +Jeffrey Tadlock (who, as you remember, provided the maps for both Shaman and Haunting of Larvik Island) when he says, “…this module creeped me out… I’m not easily creeped, but there were a few parts where I thought that’s sort of nasty…”

The podcast also reviews  +Claytonian JP’s The Wizardarium of Calabraxis as well as +Carl Bussler and Eric Hoffman’s Prayers of the Forgotten, so the shaman action begins around the 40 min mark.

My heartfelt thanks to +Jim Wampler, +Jobe Bittman and adventure co-collaborators (and Spellburn podcasters) +Jeffrey Tadlock and+Jen Brinkman for taking the time to provide a review.