Where in the Hell is Larvik DCC?

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in DCCRPG, Inside the Thick Skull, Writing | 1 comment

So, the multiple delays on this project is one of the prime reasons why I’m so hesitant to use Kickstarter to fund one of these adventures. If you guys had ponied up your hard earned coppers back in Feb when I thought I was close to completion I’d be feeling really guilty right now. Instead, I just feel like I’m dragging ass.

Still, there are good (and not so good) reasons for the delays. But here’s the latest.

The Haunting of Larvik Island DCC RPG went out to Cat for final layout about a month ago (which was about a month later than I would’ve liked.) Sadly, in that time, Cat had some personal medical issues which prevented her from being able to do her typical magic. She transferred back to me all the assets she had done, however, including the new cover with Tony’s art (which looks fabulous). I’ve received these files and have started to integrate them back into the module. All the maps were completed by Jeffrey Tadlock (of Iron Tavern and Spellburn podcast fame) with amazing turnaround time, so we’re good there.

In that time, I’ve also received a big pile of proofreading suggestions from Jon Marr from Purple Sorcerer. His comments are great, so I’ve started incorporating his feedback.  I only have one more graphic to add, and Jon has also said that if I need help creating that, he can assist.

I have Friday off from work so…

Bottom line: Assuming that graphic comes in (from either Cat or Jon) I hope to have the “To Be Approved By Joseph Goodman” draft out to Mr. Goodman sometime next week!

This one has been a long road folks, and I appreciate your patience.

I suppose the other glimmer of good news is: as I’ve been going through this process I’m already ½ way through writing “Unannounced Adventure”, and will get back into finishing Larvik 2 (which is 2/3 done) so hopefully the followup adventure will take less than 12 months.