Larvik sent for approval, Frawgs Updated

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Hello all, for once a positive update!

Haunting of Larvik Island almost there…

I’m pleased to report that The Haunting of Larvik Island has been submitted to Mr. Goodman for his approval! Woohoo! This approval process is the final step in the publishing process for DCC RPG adventures (well, for the PDF adventures, anyway…) It’s how Mr. Goodman is able to maintain quality control over the DCC RPG materials released with his compatibility logo with his licensed 3rd party publishers.

The compatible with DCC RPG logo which is issued to licensees.

The compatible with DCC RPG logo which is issued to licensees.

Mr. Goodman is typically pretty good about reading  and providing feedback;  so depending on how much feedback he provides I’m guessing we’re within a week or two of launch on

Attack of the Frawgs PDF updated

As part of the editing process, the ever helpful Mr. Jon Marr found that my PDFs were not iPad friendly for folks using GoodReader. The irony is, I am an avid fan of GoodReader, but I never edit my own PDFs using an iPad so I hadn’t noticed this bug. I’ve since gone and and removed the offending culprit (which turned out to be Adobe InDesign not getting along with Microsoft’s cambria font) and also did some other PDF friendly things (added bookmarks, hyperlinks, made text selectable, etc.) Anyone reading Frawgs on the iPad might want to go grab the updated copy.

Now on to finishing “Unannounced Adventure” and “Larvik 2″…