Larvik Status Update 20-Oct-2010

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I’m now within 3 monsters from finishing the first draft.  I finished a new custom monster tonight, and in my next big writing session, I will finally write the monster stats for the boss monster itself.

The more important news, is that I’ve enlisted an old friend going all the way back to junior highschool, to provide some illustrations.  He sent me a draft of one of the PCs today (a large half-orc looking barbarian type) that I will certainly find a home for in the module.

I also started working with Campaign Cartographer/Dungeon Designer.  The promise of glorious and beautiful maps is there, but the learning curve will be steep.  I’m going to need to re-watch all those YouTube tutorials they posted.
Tonight, I will host a game with Hack and his friend William.  This will be the 2nd round of games with those guys, and should have a bit more role-playing than the first session 3 weeks ago. Hopefully they will make it through at least 2 encounters.