Larvik Status Update 12-Oct-2010

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[This article was originally authored in Oct 2010 but published later.]

Yesterday I finally started digging into Campaign Cartographer 3 and Dungeon Designer 3.  This application is NOT for the timid.  I am still entranced by the promise of the beautiful maps I know it will create, but I’m now a bit afraid that this will not come lightly.  Still, like all parts of this project, I’m assuming that it will come easier as I get deeper into it.

Thurs night will be the next game night.  I have playtested Encounter W1 with my brother and his friend William a couple weeks ago.  Neither of them can make it on Thurs due to some family issues, but hopefully Matt Murdock will make it over and I can take him through all the changes that have undergone the adventure since the last time we discussed the plot over a year ago.