Haunting of Larvik Island now available in print

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Larvik Island Now In Print At long last, my friends, The Haunting of Larvik Island is now available in dead-tree print format in addition to computer/iPad friendly PDF format. As usual, I see that our friends at FRPGames.com have started stocking, and I’m hoping to see copies make their way through to other FLGS throughout the land. If you’re a local to the Bay Area, Game Kastle in Santa Clara and Fremont typically stock my stuff. And let me just take this...

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Frawgs Restocked. Dragon*Con. Larvik DCC and the Secret Project

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Hey thickskullers, a couple of quick updates. Print version of Attack of the Frawgs Restocked. I dropped off a pile of copies to my distributor Warpath Games and I’ve seen they’ve made it through the distribution channel to online retailers. You can now (or very soon) pickup your print copy of Frawgs at all the usual places you’d expect (FRPGames.com, NobleKnight Games.com, eBay, your FLGS, etc.) Dragon*Con this weekend, and Frawgs will be there As I...

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Larvik sent for approval, Frawgs Updated

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Hello all, for once a positive update! Haunting of Larvik Island almost there… I’m pleased to report that The Haunting of Larvik Island has been submitted to Mr. Goodman for his approval! Woohoo! This approval process is the final step in the publishing process for DCC RPG adventures (well, for the PDF adventures, anyway…) It’s how Mr. Goodman is able to maintain quality control over the DCC RPG materials released with his compatibility logo with his...

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Where in the Hell is Larvik DCC?

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So, the multiple delays on this project is one of the prime reasons why I’m so hesitant to use Kickstarter to fund one of these adventures. If you guys had ponied up your hard earned coppers back in Feb when I thought I was close to completion I’d be feeling really guilty right now. Instead, I just feel like I’m dragging ass. Still, there are good (and not so good) reasons for the delays. But here’s the latest. The Haunting of Larvik Island DCC RPG went out to Cat for final...

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Remastering Larvik from D&D 4E to DCC RPG Pt 2: The Maps

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Remaster? Conversion? Rewrite? As you all hopefully know, I’ve been busy over the last few months remastering The Haunting of Larvik Island to DCC RPG. As I talked about here it has been a multi-step process. One of the tenets of making this a “remaster” vs. a “conversion” as I didn’t just want to convert the text blocks, I wanted it be DCC RPG native from the ground up. In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that this has been a...

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