Developer Diary – Nilspace

Developer Diary – Nilspace

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Hello Thick Skullers!

So one of the common questions most writers get is, “Where did you get the idea for blah blah blah…” And the honest truth is, “Damn near everywhere…” Usually they come about from articles I read about mysteries or cryptids, or sometimes movies I’ve seen in the past.

In my MCC adventure Children of the Fallen Sun, there is a location where the PCs can interact with The Nilspace Drive:

This particular goodie was inspired by The Man Himself: Mr. Gary Gygax. There is a brief line in the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide describing everyone’s favorite magic item: The Bag of Holding:

This line:

“…and the contents will be lost forever in the vortices of nilspace.”

This line became quite important in my AD&D campaign in the 80s when, while playing The Temple of Elemental Evil, our party went full player-vs-player. As the two factions of my friends fought each other to control The Orb of Golden Death, my PC placed the orb into a Bag of Holding and then ripped that bag asunder with a dagger.

Anyway, it was a crucial moment in my 8th grade campaign, and that line about Nilspace has stuck with me all these years. Just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into how the sausage is made sometimes.