Announcing the Frawgs Turns 5 Contest Winners!

Announcing the Frawgs Turns 5 Contest Winners!

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First, let me thank you all again for helping make the last 5 years as a DCC publisher fun and memorable. The personal anecdotes, game play reports, and game at cons and FLGS have created some great memories for me.

I also want to thank everyone who participated in the Frawgs Turns 5 Birthday Giveaway. I had a blast reading everyone’s posts, so thank you very much for your comments. After grabbing all the names from both Google Plus and Facebook, and then de-duping, we had a total of 107 contestants! I went to the The Crawler’s batch dice roller, plopped in a d107 and let the Purple Sorcerer distribute the loot. Without further ado, here are the winners:

  • Grand Prize (Virtual Session): Michael Kuykendall
  • Thick Skull TShirt: Kevin Searle (Kevin, hopefully either you or a loved one wears a Med, Large, or XL, as those are the only sizes I have left…)
  • Winners of Signed copy of Frawgs:
    • Curtis Takahashi
    • Brian Jones
    • David Van Camp

I’ll be reaching out to the winners over the next week to arrange details of delivering their gifts. Thanks again everyone and I’m looking forward to at least 5 more years of DCC goodness!