50 Unpleasant Side Effects

50 Unpleasant Side Effects

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Straight from the cutting room floor! The following table was a submission for the book 50 Fantastic Functions for the D50 published by Goodman Games. My submission “50 Meaningful Motivations for NPCs” made it into that book, but sadly, this little gem did not. Hopefully this lonely table can find a loving home somewhere in your campaign.

Grab the PDF one-sheet here!

50 Unpleasant Side Effects
by Stephen Newton

Your wizard mixing potions again? Your ranger brush up against an alien fungus? Need to spice up your spellburn? Grab your trusty d50 and stick it to your PCs!

d50 Result
0 Hives / Boils / Rashes
1 Nausea / vomiting
2 Obnoxious Body odor
3 Skin covered in fungus
4 Bleeding Gums / Teeth Fall Out
5 Bloody Stools
6 Skin turns to stone
7 Bleeding out of orifices (eyes, ears, elsewhere…)
8 Seizures
9 Extreme Weight Loss
10 Hair falls out
11 Body emits a soft glow (potentially making stealth difficult)
12 Flesh starts sloughing off
13 Fingernails and toenails fall out
14 Mottled and discolored skin (or skin turns yellow, green, pink, translucent, etc..)
15 Skin turns completely rubbery
16 Extreme weight gain in one limb
17 Swelling of the extremities / skin pouches form on the chest & back
18 Extremities turn black and brittle
19 Blurred vision / temporary blindness
20 Frequent dizzy spells (vertigo)
21 Swollen tongue / slurred speech
22 Extreme sensitivity to light
23 Extreme sensitivity to sound
24 Giant chancre sores
25 Incontinence
26 Random hallucinations
27 Open weeping sores
28 Insufferable itchiness
29 Uncontrollable flatulence
30 Hair grows completely over face
31 Fever / body emits a noticeable and uncomfortable heat
32 Eyes, mouth, and ears become caked with mucous
33 Painful cramping
34 Stiffness of joints / paralyzation
35 Profuse sweating
36 Covered in pox / bubos
37 Uncontrollable shaking, spasms
38 Uncontrollable vocal outbursts
39 Debilitating headache / migraine
40 Feathers grow over the body
41 Body starts giving off an audible hum
42 Foul-smelling discharge from orifices
43 Enlarged eyeballs
44 Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
45 Numbness across random places of the body
46 Periodically and involuntarily falls asleep
47 Inability to remember anything longer than 24 hours
48 Teeth transform into gold
49 Spine bends – PC transforms into hunchback