Wood Giant Shaman: Intoxication Table

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Hello ThickSkullers,

Community favorite Craig Stokes asked in a Google Plus blog post if anyone had house-ruled anything related to intoxication. As I had written an “intoxication results table” as part of the Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman adventure, I thought I’d post it here for enjoyment. Remember, this is “giant grog” so it’s supposed to be stronger than normal.

The Setup: It’s pretty simple, while exploring the stronghold, at some point the PCs find themselves in the Wood Giant’s food storage area. The Judge reads or paraphrases the following:

The cool, clean air of this room offers a brief respite to the pervasive stench of the compound. In fact, a variety of new scents emanate from the contents of this room: sacks overflowing with grain, barrels reeking of alcohol, and several ceramic jugs filled with some sort of pungent liquid line the walls.

And if the PCs sample the grog, then the judge can consult the following table: