SavageGM posts video summary of Attack of the Frawgs

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Hello Thick Skullers!!

Fun news to share: DCC RPG Community favorite +Brandon Goeringer (aka @SavageGM on Twitter) has done a lovely “summary video” of Attack of the Frawgs. The video is a breakdown for DM’s on the highlights of the adventure, how to customize it, and some of Brandon’s own tips on he did to customize using his own campaign.

And as we all know, Brandon, is no stranger to our beloved Frawgs; he was the one who ran it at several conventions last year including some ironman tournaments at Dragon*Con last summer.

As always, I want to thank Brandon for his efforts to promote the products and DCC RPG in general!

You can take peak at video below (CAUTION: it is filthy with spoiles… only watch it if you are going to judge the adventure or if you’re a player, you hate surprises…), and word on the street is that Bradon is good for even more video reviews in the future.