The Larvik Island “Encounter Maps” have been updated

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Based on good suggestion by Erik Tenkar of Tenkar’s Tavern,  tonight I updated The Haunting of Larvik Island—The Encounter Maps package which is available as a free download. The goal of this update was to include maps and resources to make the adventure friendlier for people who are using virtual tabletop tools like Roll20.

Go grab it here!

This new version contains the following:

  • Encounter maps: 9 “VTT” scaled map. Similar to the battlemap versions, these are smaller and more suitable for using with a virtual table-top like Roll20. It contains the locations contained in the DCC RPG version of the adventure.
  • Area Maps: unkeyed versions of the area maps included in the DCC RPG version of the adventure
  • Handouts: a couple of the handouts included in the adventure without keyed information
  • 14 “battlemap” scaled maps (suitable for printing out and using with minifigs). These were the maps originally published as part of the 4E version of the adventure

I hope you enjoy the adventure and the maps. Happy gaming and beware of the squidopede.