The Shambling Un-Dead released!

The Shambling Un-Dead released!

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Hello Thick Skullers!

I’m pleased to say I once again had the opportunity to work with Jim Wampler and the rest of the DCC Cabal to contribute to Goodman Game’s third road crew tournament adventure, The Shambling Un-Dead.

In this 0-level adventure, the PCs find themselves as common villagers trapped in midst of an un-dead apocalypse! As they scurry from location to location, they encounter different varieties of un-dead creatures and other challenges.

The crew behind it:

  • Jim Wampler, Concept, Design, Co-Author
  • Bob Brinkman, Co-Author
  • David Baity, Co-Author
  • Stephen Newton, Co-Author
  • Jefferey Tadlock, Co-Author
  • Daniel J. Bishop, Co-Author
  • James V. West, Art & Cartography

You can get it straight from here by clicking this link.