Happy New Year! 2014 Release Schedule

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Hello Thick Skullers!

I just wanted to check in and thank you guys for a lovely 2013. The Black Friday sale was a big success: moving about 40 copies (almost equally split between Frawgs and Larvik 1, but Frawgs did sell a few more copies…) in PDF’s. My thanks to everyone who picked up a copy!

I also wanted to give an update on the writing projects. I currently have 3 projects in the works in various stages of development:

Untitled Project “TSA-004”

  • Status=first draft complete, ready to playtest.
  • Expected release date June 2014 (I have a habit of being too optimistic though…)

So as you guys knows, I’ve been talking about this for a while now (first mention, second mention). I’m nervous to talk about what this project is other than to say it’s a higher level adventure (I will be playtesting with 5th-level characters.) I’m nervous if I actually say what this project is, that I will get feedback from the gaming community as to what they would expect or like to see, and I’m trying to keep it as pure to my original intentions as possible. As such, I probably won’t be say much about this until about a month before it’s release.

Larvik  2

  • Status=Writing 3/4 complete, but… see below.
  • Expected release date: Unknown. Hopefully sometime in 2014

So what’s the deal with Larvik 2? I did the bulk of the writing for this module with my brother back in late 2012 and early 2013. I then took a long break to finish Larvik 1 DCC which, as all things do, took longer than I expected. And since I took the break from writing this one a couple of things have happened that have made me re-think the viability of this adventure; that is a topic for a whole other post in terms of my lessons learned from releasing Frawgs and Larvik DCC. I do want to complete it in some form, but when I think of what I’ve written for this adventure I think major editing may be in order.

Fourth Party-Publishing Project (4PP or Writer for Hire)

  • Status=idea phase
  • Expected release date probably in 2014

What happens when a 3rd party publisher writes a project for another 3rd party publisher? Is that 4th Party publishing? Short version: I’ve been contacted about potentially writing a short adventure for a different 3PP. I’m intrigued with the  idea and I’m looking into it. The interesting thing about this project would be is that I would probably only need to do the writing and some playtesting and not all the other parts of the publishing workflow (commissioning art, editing, graphics, layout, etc.) so this project may actually get released sooner than Larvik 2 (but I suspect not sooner than Untitled Project.)


In other news, I’m actually thinking of running a few con games this year. It would probably be Frawgs or Larvik 1 as I’ve found 0-1st level adventures are a bit easier to run than higher level adventures, but we shall see. I’m going to reach out to my friends at Game Kastle to see if I can run a couple of “open game nights” there as a dry run before trying to do a Con.  Either way, I do go to Comic-Con San Diego each year, so I’ll probably try to get in on something at Gam3rCon if they run that again this year.

Happy 2014

So again, thanks to everyone who picked up one of the adventures in 2013 and I hope everyone has a great year in gaming in 2014.