New Review from Iron Tavern and Frawgs goes “Copper”

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Hello Thick Skull Fans!

New Review from

So today I’m happy to share that the good folks over at Iron Tavern have released a nice 4/5 star review for Attack of the Frawgs. Amongst other nice comments they had the following to say:

…This is my first look at a Thick Skull Adventures product and I was quite impressed with the offering. The module was easy to read and the way each encounter made sense in the larger scope of the adventure gave it a quality feel. While written as part of a series of modules, a judge could easily drop this into their own campaign world with minimal effort.

I look forward to reading future adventures from Thick Skull Adventures!

Not bad, eh? I can take that!

Attack of the Frawgs goes “Copper”

In other exciting news, Attack of the Frawgs has achieved “copper” status on I’m just really pleased at how well Frawgs has been doing on the sites (,, etc.) I basically sold more copies of Frawgs in the first 2 weeks than I did of the 4E D&D version of Larvik Island in the year it was released. While one could argue there’s many factors that helped in that success that I would love to claim credit for (quality of the writing, catchy storyline, Cat & Andrew’s artwork) I think the real reason is due to the excitement around Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG in general. At the end of the that is just a really fun game system to play. I will not claim my getting in early with them as luck, though, as I knew immediately that would be a fun game system to play on.

When I get back from this current biz trip I’m on, I’ll be using my royalties from the PDF version of Frawgs to create a limited print run of modules for folks who want to hold the book in their hands 🙂