Haunting of Larvik Island PDF updated to 1.02

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in 4ED | 0 comments

Faithful adventurers,

I have updated the .pdf version of “Haunting of Larvik Island” on RPGNow.com to version 1.02. This version fixed some rendering issue with the “wood plank” banner graphic used on section headings. Apparently this graphic was rendering dark on iPads and Mac OS X’s Preview application.

For anyone keeping score, here’s the change log for the version of the file:

  • 1.02: fixed wood plank graphic, added Michael Murdock as a playtester (sorry for forgetting you the first time, Mr. Murdock!)
  • 1.01: tweaked the pdf to make it more interactive (making the bookmarks work, adding links within the pdf, etc.)
  • 1.0: the print version of the module that was shipped to Warpath Games Distribution