Larvik Island: Beta Draft Completed

Posted by on Jan 19, 2011 in 4ED | 0 comments

Over the MLK holiday here in the US, I completed the final 3 maps required for Larvik Island that the team and I have been working on. As of this writing, the module contains 14 encounters (excluding Random Encounter I’ve designed) requiring 15 maps and, with the art previews I’ve currently received, clocks in at almost 21,000 words across 47 pages.

So what’s next? I’ve DM’d 4 game sessions so far with the playtesters – the latest just last week. We’re getting through about 2 encounters a night (give or take) so I’m hoping we can close it out in 6 more sessions or so. I’m also working with my friends at Game Kastle to see if I can get a parallel group of gamers doing playtesting. While testing continues I will continue to work with the artist and graphic designer to continue to do the module layout and prepare for print and perhaps do tweaks to some of the maps. I’m still hoping to have some copies that I can print up for reviewers in late Feb or early March, but I suppose that depends on how quickly I can get feedback on the playtesting.

I also submitted the Wizards of the Coast 4Ed D&D GSL paperwork a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll soon be posting the GSL logo on the project pages.

Thanks all!