Playtesting for TSA-004 has started

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Pleased to announced that playtesting officially kicked off last night with my usual group for my newest untitled adventure (which I’m going to start referring to as TSA-004 because, well, I have to call it something.) I’m trying to keep a bit of a wrap as to the nature of his project until it’s closer to release. That said here’s a couple of details I will share: It’s a higher level adventure (I’m playtesting with a party of 5th level...

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Crafting Adventure with Evernote

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Writing has begun in earnest on my second module in the “Larvik Island” series. I thought I’d send out some kudos to the good people at Evernote, an application that I’ve found essential as I finish post-production on the first module and start outlining the second. Goodbye OneNote, Hello Evernote I started using Evernote at work a couple years ago when I switched from using a Windows PC to a Mac full-time. I had used Microsoft OneNote as a “personal wiki” organizing tool...

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Lessons Learned from D&D Playtesting

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Lately, I have been impressed with how some publishers in the Dungeons and Dragons community, like the good folks at Emerald Press, Nevermet Press and others, have been extremely forthcoming in blog posts with sales figures and other internal company workings. In that same spirit, this post is my attempt to be equally candid for the benefit of others thinking about writing their own adventures. While I fully intend to write additional articles that cover more aspects of the...

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