GaryCon 2017 report

GaryCon 2017 report

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Bob Brinkman, David Baity, Joseph Goodman, and Stephen Newton

Hello Thick Skullers!

So I’ve returned from the beautiful Grand Geneva Resort where I’ve finally attended my first Gary Con. The entire experience was amazing. I finally got a chance to meet so many of my DCC RPG family, many of which I’d become good friends with despite only ever interacting via Google Plus and the interwebs.

I know by making lists, you always forget one or two important people, but off the top of my head, I know I was able to break bread and/or do some gaming with folks likeAdam Muszkiewicz, David Baity, Paul Wolfe, Jeff Goad, Clint Bohaty, Brenda Wolfe, James Smith, Julian Bernick, Chris Ellis, and Jason Hobbes (who is a spitting image of David Baity)! I also had the pleasure of gaming under the steady hands of judges Jen Brinkman, Bob Brinkman, DM Cojo, and the esteemed Daniel bishop. It’s been truly pleasurable feeling much more like a family reunion than a game convention.

Frank Mentzer signs Stephen’s ancient copy of Temple of Elemental Evil

In addition I was able to meet some luminaries of the industries including Mike Carr, author of B1: In Search of the Unknown, and getting my ancient copy of T1-T4: The Temple of Elemental Evil.

At the start of the con, goodmAn games announced a slew of new products, 2 of which I have contributed to, but I’ll save details of that for a different article.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience, and I can’t wait to go back in 2018 and judge a few sessions of my own.

You can check out my entire collection of GaryCon 2017 photos on Google Photos.