DAMN! And GM Day Sale

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Hello Thick Skullers!

Couple of quick updates for you all.

D.A.M.N Magazine is back!

DAMN (or the Dccrpg Adventure Magazine and News) is back in PDF and print. Paul Wolfe has done a great job acquiring the rights to reprint the original issue and has augmented with some new material. I’ve got a couple of articles in this issue:

Optional Rules for Extreme Spellburn: Just like it sounds. An article providing judges a house rule option for making extreme spellburn more costly in terms of the potential effects the wizard’s health beyond the usual penalties associated with a temporary reduction in ability points.

Optional Rules for Permanent Injury: In my home campaign, I didn’t like that Wizards become more and more corrupted as they adventured, but all the other classes were unscathed. This article provides rules to make sure your fighters look as grizzled as your spellcasters at higher levels.

Daniel Bishop has a nice review of the magazine here.

You can pickup the Winter 2017 issue of D.A.M.N. Magazine here.

GM Day Sale

I participate in most of the regularly RPGNow.com sales, and GM Day Sale is no exception.  The PDFs for my adventures are all about $3.50 over the weekend. Checkout the savings here!

Goodman Games Online Store

The Dark Master and his minions have now made DCC products for sale directly on their website. You can pickup print copies of my games in their new online store.

Checkout what I’ve got available at the Goodman Games Online Store.

Hope your day is filled with mirth, gaming, and buffalo wings!