Word Templates for DCC Writing

Posted by on Oct 5, 2014 in Inside the Thick Skull, Writing | 6 comments

David Baity of the G+ DCC Forums was looking for Word templates for DCC writing so I thought I’d post some things for you guys that I use. If it helps one person, it might help another:

Starter Word Template for DCC Adventures – This basically has the outline of all the general sections I include along with a monster stat block. Most interesting thing you’ll probably find in is the Styles I use when creating adventures.

DCC Wizard Spell Template – Exactly what it sounds like. It uses Duvall and Book Antigua fonts to look the ones in the DCC core rulebook. Mostly I’ve done all the work for you with getting the margins and hanging indents right so they align nicely.

DCC Cleric Spell Template – Again, exactly what it sounds like.

  • Michael Jones

    Thanks! These are great!

    • snake

      Glad you found them helpful!

    • Glad you like them 🙂

  • John Rake

    Links don’t seem to work anymore.

    • Hey John, thanks for the heads up. Dropbox recently changed how public links work. I just updated so they should work now, but if you still can’t access them then let me know and I’ll try posting a different way.

      • John Rake

        Awesome, thanks