Frawgs, Larvik 1, and Larvik 2 update

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Writing Update Attack of the Frawgs update: My partner in crime, the lovely Ms. Catherine Harkins, is working on the one-sheet for the module for adverts. I’ve drawn 2 of the 3 maps which will be included using Campaign Cartographer 3. I’ve also done the first edit of the Adobe InDesign layout; once I do my first pass, Cat comes in and waves a magic wand and the InDesign file goes from looking like a plain-old Word doc to something magical. She’s like...

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Why I’m now writing for DCC RPG

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Happy Holidays, Thick Skull Adventure fans! I know it’s been a while since I made a blog update, but that does not mean we’ve been idle over here at Thick Skull Adventures. In fact, over the last few months I’ve been completing work on our newest adventure, Attack of the Frawgs. In addition to the general excitment of completing a new adventure, I’m also particularly pleased with this one as it’s one of a half-dozen or so third-party publisher products approved to be used...

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