Children of the Fallen Sun


Coming in 2017 – a new Mutant Crawl Classics RPG adventure!

The star crashed down from far above, its long red tail dividing the sky in two like a bloody, dripping wound. All eyes of the tribe—mutant, manimal, and plantient alike—were transfixed by the resulting explosion seen far off in the horizon.

Some proclaim this is the Second Death, foretold within the Ancient Prophecy. But one venerable sentient redwood recognizes it as the Sky Arc of the Ancients, whose mysteries must be explored before they can be exploited by the tribe’s enemies. What perils and mysteries will lay within the Sky Arc? Only the heartiest of your species have a chance of surviving the dangers that accompany the arcane ancient technology developed by the children of the fallen sun.

Children of the Fallen Sun is a Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game adventure designed for 5 or 6 1st level characters. It will be released after the MCC RPG rulebook has been published. Given the advice given on the MCC Kickstarter, I’m expecting this to be sometime in the summer of 2017.

Status: The adventure is written, and has gone through several rounds of playtesting with different judges. The cover art and cartography are currently being developed.

Rules: Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game
Writer: Stephen Newton
Interior Illustrations: FRK Pyron
Cartography: Mario Torres
Cover Art: FRK Pyron
“Children of the Fallen Sun” © 2016-2017 Stephen Newton